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Friday, 22 June 2012

Subpoena: Suaram Is The Biggest Liar In Malaysia

After a line of lies made by Suaram's Coordinator (PKR), Cynthia Gabriel in June 15, 2012 regarding the notice of subpoena which was brought up by France's court on the purchase of Scorpene submarines was revealed, Malaysiakini yesterday quoted a source from the NGO to defend Cynthia;s statement with the excuse saying,"The subpoena is not being sent here and the process would take a few days. We do not have the exact information on how long the process would take."

Does it even make any sense that from June 15 until today (June 22), since Cynthia made the statement, the subpoena is still yet to get to the person that they suspected, Jasbir Singh Chahl?

We are not in the yesteryear where everything has to be done manually. Today, we have all the technologies. So, it is quite impossible that the subpoena that was mentioned by Cynthia to still be 'in process'.

The person who was said that would receive the subpoena have mentioned that he did not receive any subpoena from France. If that is not enough, a representative from French Embassy to Malaysia, Laurent Lemarchand (First Counsellor) denied that court from France has made Subpoenas to Jasbir like what was stated by Cynthia.

Not just Jasbir, in fact, there are no subpoenas that are made to any rakyat in this country regarding the case.
For information, the role of French Embassy in this matter is really important because the legal procedures in France is different than Malaysia. If what Cynthia said is true, French Embassy would be the first to know about it, even before the Foreign Ministry and Royal Malaysian Police (RMP).

This is because, according to the legal procedure in France, they do not need witnesses to attend at the Court during investigation, all they need is to answer questions that the Court has set.

Yes, investigation, because like what Suaram had stated in Bangkok on May 30, the investigation for this case is still going on and it would take between 2 to 3 years. That is why it is quite weird for Suaram to say that the investigation is still going on (in Bangkok), and by June 15, they stated that subpoenas are on its way.

How can they come up with subpoena when there is no trial at all?

That is what we meant when we say that Suaram is Malaysia's number one liar, other than the confusion that they have made within Pakatan Rakyat. Their arguments even contradicted among one another. The reason is only to confuse rakyat to create sensational stories to gain funds, as if to cover for the cost of Ops Scorpene 2.0.

This is not as different as when Anwar announced as if a few MPs and former Sabah UMNO leaders would jump out of the party when he visited the state in June 10, 2012. Just like Suaram, on that night, they did a fundraising event for PKR's election preparation in Sabah.

This is not the first time this has happen, on September 16, 2008, a few minor cases after the date showed that Pakatan Rakyat is an illegal political party who loves to sensationalize stories to confuse rakyat. We can never forget how Anwar often mentioned that the election is corrupt that triggered Bersih 1, 2, and 3 but at the same time, he stated that the opposition would win all seats in the Parliament.

We can see there that how can he say that UMNO/BN cheat in elections but he said that Pakatan could win?
That only mean that rakyat should defend BN. BN might not be perfect (no one is), but BN never say that it is the ultimate party, and at the same time tries to fool rakyat.

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