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Friday, 22 June 2012

Singapore Intelligence Is Losing Grip Over Anwar’s Sex Video?

The most controversial website, Wikileaks, once exposed an 'unsurprising but jaw-dropping' news that Singapore's intelligence services and (Singaporean elder statesman) Lee Kuan Yew have told Australia's Office of National Assessments (ONA) in their exchanges, that Malaysian's opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently indicted.

The statement was based on "technical intelligence", which is likely to relate to intercepted communications. It was then reported that ONA assessed, and their Singapore counterparts concurred, 'it was a set up job and Anwar probably knew that, but walked into it anyway".

Despite Anwar's sexual orientation and may be 'addiction', being a public knowledge, Anwar somehow escaped indictment of sodomizing Saiful Bukhari earlier this year.

But there is no relieving for Anwar just yet. Recently, the stories about his gay-sex video involving a good looking 'counterpart' that is in the hands of the Singapore Intelligence, is being revisited and is all over the internet. It's true that the upcoming election may be the cause of this revisiting process, but that doesn't mean that the 'story' is 'spoiled' or untrue.

Sources reported that tensions and desperation is heightening in Anwar's team although the video has yet to be uploaded on the internet.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the video is kept by Singapore Intelligence for 'future use'. Singapore has been a lifelong nemesis of Malaysia, and Lee Kwan Yew will not rest in peace should he kick the bucket before he could see his Chinese brothers from DAP ruled Malaysia.

Anwar, is said to be the best chance for Singapore to achieve its dream to broaden its border in the north. So, it makes perfect sense why Singapore must get involved in BERSIH and Anti-Lynas rally and even train their people to interfere in Malaysia's General Election.

Singapore needs to put Anwar on the throne so that they can strip Anwar off his pants and tie his balls on a string. Anwar will then be their most obedient dog which will let go of the throne when the time is right for DAP to take over.

But I personally think that with their strategy already a known subject to all Malaysians, it would be almost foolish for Singapore or DAP to pursue their plans.

Videos of Anwar's sexual activities – be it natural or unnatural, can no longer be considered as an effective tool to control him. In Malaysia, those who support Anwar will support him any way and will brush off all the negative pictures of him without second thought while those who don't support Anwar need no more evidence to convince them of his guilt.

Moreover, Anwar's party is also dying fast for its lack of leadership and incompetency. With an unending internal battle, the party may not even live long enough to face the election in one piece.

Nevertheless, it is an interest of the people to judge further of Anwar's 'gift' or 'capabilities'. At the same time we can never deny that there will always be the fence-sitters. Therefore, to get hold of this sex video would be a bonus for Malaysia.

Well, Malaysians may hold their breath and Anwar may wish that he stopped breathing now because we have reasons to believe that the video is slipping away from Singapore's grip and might just land right on the internet at a perfect time just before the election.
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