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Monday, 13 February 2012

Pas Youth and the last line of defense

For the second time, Deputy Chief of Pas Youth Wing, Nik Abduh Nik Abdul Aziz, criticized DAP, Karpal Singh on matters that concern Pas’ stance on certain issue, this time about Valentine’s Day celebration.

A son of Pas spiritual leader, has asked Karpal to learn to respect other religions and not to impose his views on others.

For the record, Nik Abduh has on Sept 23 last year, also asked Karpal to respect the Pas government’s stance in implementing hudud because it is the right of Muslims.

In this issue which involves the party’s principle of struggle, the Pas Youth Wing is seen as being a step ahead. Prior to this, at a time when key Pas leaders are taking muted stance on the Seksualiti Merdeka issue, the wing was at the forefront in opposing the event.

In fact, Pas Youth Wing also support firm action by Dr Hasan Ali in protecting the Islamic faith in Selangor, even when the former Selangor Pas commissioner was sacked from the party, they defended him.

But what the Pas supporters want from the youth wing is not to practice Pepsi cola syndrome which Pas President, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang told them before.

At the moment, Pas supporters look at the Youth Pas Wing as a savior to the future of the party which is seen as subservient to Pas in its struggle for power with PRK and DAP in its struggle for power through the opposition pact.

The euphoria of getting into Putrajaya has substantially affect Pas credibility as a party that struggle for Islam. Pas supporters are even more upset when Pas sacrificed its objective of setting up an Islamic nation.

Pas is also seen as weak in defending issues that affect Islam.

At a time when Pas is looking for direction and bow to the other component in the opposition pact, the boldness of Pas Youth Wing is refreshing.

The boldness of Pas Youth Wing lead by Nasruddin Hassan is not well-liked by Pas leaders who are more concern of its camaraderie with PKR and DAP. .

Pas Youth wing should understand that Pas is now no longer a party with principle and consistent in its struggle.

Instead, the party has been willing to go to any extent even if it has to sacrifice its original line of struggle.

However, the party would to go to any extent to wrest power and topple Barisan Nasional (BN) where UMNO is the backbone.

As such, if Pas Youth Wing follow Pas attitude of kowtowing to PKR and DAP, they should be responsible if Pas is rejected by the rakyat.

Although Pas Youth wing should abide by the rules set by the party, Pas constitution is not the Quran which cannot be altered. Pas Youth wing should dare enough to come forward in stating the truth.

We understand that it is not an easy task for the Pas Youth Wing to do that, more so with the presence of ‘parasite’ in the party but they have no choice.

The Pas Youth Wing may allow Pas body to be lulled by its political agenda in chasing after power even if it has to abandon its Islamic struggle or as the last defense line of the party.

Although Pas Youth Wing may be considered as unqualified in giving advice or views to the main body of the party on any issue agreed upon with the other members of the opposition pact, Pas Youth Wing must not remain silent on issues that affect the future of the party.

They see that Pas leaders are getting weak and listless in defending the credibility of Pas, as an Islamic party. As such it is the responsibility of Pas Youth Wing to revive the credibility.

Whether Pas Youth wing admit it or not, the direction of the party is a critical issue among the Malays and Muslims.

The Malays look at Pas as being double standard when come to its relationship with the PKR and DAP. It kicks a fuss over certain issue created by UMNO leaders but close its eyes when the same is created by leaders of its opposition partners.

Another point which should be corrected and in fact should not be committed by the Pas Youth Wing is to blame UMNO for anything that gone wrong in the opposition party.

Whatever it is, we are not sure how long can Pas Youth wing continue with its boldness and audacity.
What is certain, Pas supporters are putting high hope on the Pas Youth wing in ‘saving’ the party from straying.

So it is up to Pas Youth wing whether to continue to walk with its high with pride or sing to the tune of other partners in the opposition just for the sack of seeking power.

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